The Importance of SEO


SEO is important if you want your website to become visible to the search engine robots and the users. While most of these search engines have leveled up in their search methods, it still cannot process some pages the way human beings can. SEO gives these search engines tools or handles to help them understand site pages which, in the end, can be useful to the users.

Some people often argue that SEO isn"t necessary because websites should not be required to abide by principles or rules in order for them to appear in search results. They deem unlicensed search marketing experts as people who are just out to steal more money from them over SEO projects that are not needed at all.

But the thing is, if you want to make it big online, you need SEO. Case in point, if you upload the picture of a house you know it"s a house but the search engine will not be able to process that information. This is where webmasters come in and put in clues and words that search engines can understand. As a matter of fact, having the right content structure is important in SEO. When you know how to annotate and format the content in your site, it becomes easier for search engines to digest these information. If the SEO does not exist, search engines will never be able to find websites.

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